Are Araucana Chickens Noisy?

The Araucana breed is known for its gorgeous blue egg color and for being a dual-purpose breed. 

This means the Araucana chicken breed is used for both egg production and as a meat bird. 

But all chickens have a flaw; is the Araucana chicken noisy?

The only drawbacks to this breed are their loud noise level and the Araucana chicken health problems. These noisy birds tend to “talk” to each other a lot. While they aren’t louder volume-wise, they do make sounds more often. 

Here we will explain exactly how loud these odd-looking birds tend to be. 

We will also give you tips on quieting down your rumpless bird when it gets too noisy. 

Alright, let’s get into exactly how high the noise level is for this special breed.

araucana chicken sound level

Are Araucanas Quiet Chickens?

Araucana chickens are described as being moderately loud. 

Some Araucana hens are louder than others. 

Most of the time, these noises occur for a reason. 

For example, broody hens tend to be much louder than satisfied hens.

Similarly, roosters of these stately birds are often much louder than hens. 

This is common for most breeds, even those considered to be the most loveable chickens who are fairly quiet.

What Causes an Araucana Chicken to be Loud?

There are more reasons for these blue-egg-laying chickens to make noises besides broodiness. 

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Here we will explain why Araucanas get noisy and why they are not the quietest chickens around.

Your Chickens Need Something

A wide variety of chicken breeds will become noisy when they need something like food or fresh water. 

As a result, having a routine to keep your chickens happy will keep them from crowing and squawking. 

Additionally, having a blackout box on your coop will allow your loveable chickens to sleep longer. 

This will keep the noise level down before you take care of them each morning.

They Are Laying Eggs

Araucanas, and many other breeds of chickens, squawk and make other noises when they lay eggs. 

This chicken breed is pretty good with its egg production. 

So, you will likely hear the “egg song” pretty often when owning these blue-egg-laying chickens.

Having just a few of these dependable layers will not give you too much trouble. 

However, a whole flock of this breed of chicken will get pretty loud when they lay their eggs. 

Thus, having a mixed flock is a good idea. 

This is especially true when you feel concerned about the noise level of your Araucana hens during egg laying.

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araucana chickens loud

Your Chickens Feel Threatened

Most types of chickens will also get very noisy when the flock feels threatened. 

This usually occurs if there is some kind of predator nearby. 

Providing your loveable chickens with a safe place to retreat is a good idea. 

It will help keep outbursts short, which will also keep the noise level down.

Your Hens Are Broody

Araucana hens get broody pretty often. 

Unfortunately, these friendly birds will also increase their noise level when they get broody. 

Making your Auracana hens surrogate mothers by placing fertilized eggs beneath them can help to keep the noise level down. 

It will make these excellent mothers happier as well.

You Have a Rooster

Hens will often have a much louder noise level when roosters are around. 

Most of the time, this squawking and crowing results from attempting to mate. 

This occurs in both roosters and hens for these friendly birds. 

So, if you have an Araucana rooster around, things will get loud.

Are Araucana Roosters Louder Than Hens?

Yes, Araucana roosters tend to be much louder than their female counterparts. 

While this is true for many breeds of active chickens, it is especially true for Araucanas, as their roosters are often especially loud. 

So, if you are interested in having some of these fun birds but do not want all the noise, it is a good idea to avoid bringing home an Araucana rooster.

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How to Quiet Your Araucana Chickens Down?

Luckily, backyard chicken owners can quiet their noisy backyard flock in several ways. Here are some things to do to quiet these friendly birds down.

Make Sure Your Chickens are Content

The noise level from these fun birds tends to be the loudest in the mornings. 

This is when the chickens are anticipating feeding time. 

Getting up early to feed your chickens and provide them with fresh water will help to keep the noise level down. 

Particularly in the early morning.

Similarly, regularly cleaning your rumpless bird’s coop will lead to quieter birds. 

While taking care of your chickens early is easy in colder climates with a late sunrise, you may need to get up earlier during hot weather. 

This is especially true if you live in a warmer climate.

Keep Your Chickens Feeling Safe and Secure

As we have mentioned, these types of chickens tend to make the most noise when they feel threatened or frightened. 

A secure coop and reinforcing it with fencing or chicken wire will make your blue-egg-laying chickens feel safer. It will also keep their noise level down.

It is also a good idea to clip your Araucana’s wings. 

This way, they cannot get separated from the flock when they fly over the fence. 

Remember, these fun birds are also active birds, so they tend to escape accidentally.

noise level of araucana chickens

Tend to Broody Hens

Araucana hens get broody, and when this rumpless bird is broody, their noise level also goes up. 

Tending to your broody hens will help quiet them down and make them feel more content. 

Tending to broody birds is done by placing fertilized eggs underneath them. 

This is so they can practice their maternal skills, even if the eggs aren’t theirs.

Having roosters is not a good idea if you are concerned about noise. 

So, it is better to buy fertilized chicken eggs from a supplier. 

Once the eggs hatch, get rid of extra roosters or female chicks you don’t want by giving them away or selling them to others.

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Use a Blackout Box

Chickens rise with the sun, so they naturally make noise earlier in the morning during the summer than they do in the winter months. 

Housing your Araucana chickens in a coop with a blackout box will help mimic the sun cycle occurring in cold climates.

Confusing the chickens to think they are in colder climates gives you a little extra time to prepare before taking care of your backyard flock. 

This is because doing this helps keep this heritage breed quiet in the early mornings.

Get Rid of Your Roosters and Any Very Noisy Hens

While it is expected for this heritage breed to have a moderately loud noise level, some Araucana hens are louder than others. 

Additionally, the roosters of this popular breed are extra noisy. 

Getting rid of your Araucana rooster and any particularly noisy hens can help keep the noise level down and make your neighbors happier. 

This is especially true if you have any extra roosters around.

Have a Mixed Flock With Just a Few Araucana Hens

Many chicken keepers will choose to have just a few of these heritage birds in the flock. 

This is especially true when they have neighbors close by. 

The rest of the chickens in this flock will then consist of quiet chickens. 

This allows you to enjoy your favorite breed while not having to tolerate lots of noise. 

Some of the quietest chicken breeds out there include:

  • Rhode Island Reds
  • Bantam hens
  • Wyandotte chickens 
  • Buff Orpington
  • Javas
  • Cochins

Including quieter chickens will help keep the noise level down in your flock. 

Good examples of this include Rhode Island Red hens or Bantam hens. 

This is because it is much easier to handle just a few noisy hens than a whole flock of them. 

Of course, it is never a good idea to have extra roosters when concerned about the noise level of your flock as well.

Do Araucana Chickens do Well in Backyards?

So, is this rumpless bird a good breed of chicken for backyards? 

A few Araucana hens in a flock will do just fine in the average backyard. 

Yet, a whole flock of these friendly chickens can pose difficulty in the average suburb.

This is especially true if you have particularly noisy chickens on your hands. 

So, if you are looking to pick up some Araucana hens, it is best to have a mixed flock containing some more quiet chickens, such as the Rhode Island Red. 

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