Are Australorp Chickens Noisy?

The breeds of chickens you choose to raise can affect their attributes and how you raise them. 

For instance, not everyone wants to deal with noisy chickens but may still want all the advantages of raising chickens. 

Where do you look when you want quiet chickens, and are Australorp chickens noisy?

Key Takeaway:

Australorps, while still social, is known as a quiet chicken breed. However, this can vary a bit depending on the personalities of individual chickens. This, along with their calm demeanor, makes them a great breed for beginners or those keeping backyard chickens in a neighborhood backyard.

There’s much to learn about Black Australorps, including their noise level and traits. 

Keep reading, and we’ll cover everything you need to know about this hardy breed of beautiful birds!

are australorp chickens noisy

Are Black Australorp Chickens Quiet? 

Black Australorp chickens are a favorite breed for their black feathers and egg-laying ability. 

They’re raised for meat production as well. 

On top of this, these giant backyard layers are one of the quieter breeds chicken owners can keep. 

Generally speaking, a Black Australorp is a quiet addition to any backyard flock. 

However, there are some factors with the potential to affect this. 

For one, the personality of your Black Australorp makes a difference here. 

While Black Australorps are a quiet chicken breed, not every Australorp will be a quiet bird. 

Like people, your flock of birds may show varying traits unique to them. 

So, while most of these amazing birds are quieter than other breeds, you may run into a loud chicken here and there. 

You may also notice your chickens (Austalorps and other breeds alike) making more noises if they feel threatened. 

While Black Australorps are typically quiet, if you suddenly hear a cluster of clucking outside, it’s best to see if anything like a predator is causing the reaction.

Do Australorp Roosters Crow a Lot? 

Between hens and roosters, roosters often have a much stronger reputation when it comes to being loud. 

What about a Black Australorp rooster? 

Even in this quiet breed, will your rooster crow at all hours? 

This is where Black Australorps tend to fall through as a quiet breed. 

While the breed is largely quiet, Australorp roosters tend to crow quite a bit.

There are a few common culprits to a crowing Australorp. 

For one, your Australorp rooster may crow to communicate boundaries. 

This can include your rooster declaring its territory or establishing its rank in the flock. 

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Are Black Australorps Friendly?

In addition to their quiet nature, Black Australorps are a rather docile breed. 

Because of this, they’re considered an excellent starter bird for beginners or families looking for a chicken to keep when they have children.

Once again, it’s worth noting this can vary from chicken to chicken. 

While Black Australorps are largely gentle, you may run into more aggressive members in your flock of birds just as you may run into birds who don’t have quiet personalities among this breed.

If you have a small flock, you may find Black Australorps taken to you as the chicken keeper. 

They have the distinct ability to bond with their owners alongside their egg-laying ability.

How Do I Stop My Chickens from Being Loud?

There is a wide range of ways to cultivate a quieter flock. 

Alongside opting for a quieter breed like an Australorp chicken, there are a few other ways to aim for less disruptive birds. 

Opt for Hens

As mentioned, roosters tend to make more noise than hens. 

This is universal instead of restricted to different breeds. 

If you want a quieter flock, keeping hens is often better. 

Roosters are noise makers and can immediately increase the volume of a flock. 

Stay Small

The more birds you have, the louder your flock is likely to sound. 

Stay small in building your flock if you want to limit volume.

Handling Mornings

When you put your chickens in the coop at night, they may not make too much noise. 

In the morning, you likely have much louder birds. 

This is often due to your chickens’ wanting to leave the coop. 

What kept them safe from predators all night feels a bit more confining when they’re bored in the morning. 

There are a few ways to handle this. 

For one, opt for automatic coop doors, which may allow your chickens to wander too much.  

Alternatively, blackout curtains can ward off dawn for a little longer inside a coop until you have the ability to manually let them out. 

Another option is to provide entertainment in the coop. 

This will make the waiting process in the morning more entertaining for your Australorp chicken.

Meet Their Needs

Chickens also tend to cluck and cry out when there’s a problem, even if they’re a hardy breed. 

If they feel threatened by predators, too crowded, hungry, or thirsty, they’ll make noise. 

To avoid this, ensure your birds have all their needs met. 

Even a sweet bird will become louder and more aggressive if they feel in need or threatened. 

What Breed of Chicken is the Quietest? 

As we’ve covered, Black Australorps are among the quietest breeds of birds. 

A few other breeds backyard chicken keepers can turn to share the quiet nature of Black Australorps. 

This includes the following varieties: 

  • Ameraucanas
  • Barred Rock
  • Brahma
  • Chochin
  • Java
  • Plymouth Rock
  • Orpington
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Speckled Sussex
  • Wyandottes

As Black Australorps, this can vary from individual bird to individual bird. 

This is because each bird’s unique traits play into its temperament.

What is the Loudest Chicken Breed? 

On the other hand, some chickens tend to have higher noise levels than others.

If you aren’t interested in noisy chickens, you’ll want to steer clear of breeds like Polish chickens. 

This is thanks in part to the limited visibility of this breed. 

The feathers on a Polish chicken’s head can obstruct its vision, making them easier to startle. 

As a result, they may startle easier. 

While not a recognized breed, farmers often note their Easter Egger chickens were louder. 

Technically, this is a mixed breed of chicken defined by the presence of the gene allowing them to lay blue eggs. 

However, they often lay eggs in an array of colors.

Roosters, in general, tend to make a lot of noise. 

This is regardless of their breed. 

As covered, even for a quiet breed like Australorp chickens, the roosters tend to make more noise.

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