Are Blue Maran Chickens Friendly?

The Maran Chicken breed is famous for its beautiful plumage and equally beautiful dark chocolate or copper eggs. 

It’s safe to say the Blue Maran’s eye-catching nature has made them a popular choice among seasoned and new poultry farmers alike, but do they have a friendly temperament matching their beauty? 

Key Takeaway:

Blue Marans are known to be incredibly friendly and docile birds, and they are also easy to handle. Marans are known to be very active and will commonly approach people once they have developed a positive association with them. 

Here we will explain everything new farmers need to know about the Maran’s temperament. 

Let’s dive right into it! 

are blue maran chickens friendly

What Is The Blue Maran’s Temperament? 

From Black Copper Marans to Blue Marans, this chicken breed is a very friendly, active, and docile bird by nature. 

I have even seen these friendly chickens following around their owners in search of treats. 

Marans also do not mind being picked up and handled when necessary.

Though roosters are generally more temperamental than hens, even Maran Roosters are quite friendly and relaxed. 

This is great for those of you who are worried about having an aggressive rooster around. 

You only need to worry about Blue Maran roosters when competing with one another for space or hens. 

So, if you have a small flock, it is a good idea to just stick to having one Maran rooster if you plan to produce fertilized eggs. 

Maran chickens are very active and love to walk around and forage in the grass. 

As a result, you will likely have a lot of fun interacting with your Maran hens and roosters once you have introduced them to your backyard. 

Be careful they don’t jump and fly at you!

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Are Blue Maran Chickens Affectionate With People? 

Marans are decently affectionate with people. 

Not only do Marans tend to approach people for treats and food, but they also do not mind being touched or picked up. 

As long as they are being handled gently and properly, of course. 

Although Marans are fairly affectionate with people, they are not necessarily cuddly creatures. 

This means a Maran will not likely enjoy sitting in your arms for long periods, and they are not going to do something like sit in your lap. 

Do Blue Maran Chickens Do Well Around Children? 

Blue Maran chickens are excellent for families because they work well around children.

This is mainly because Marans are not naturally aggressive, so you do not need to worry about a Blue Maran pecking at your kids. 

This being said, it is still important to supervise young children around poultry. 

This is because a young child could easily harm a bird accidentally, and Marans could act defensively if they feel threatened. 

Are Blue Maran Chickens Accepting Of Other Birds?

Maran hens are incredibly accepting of other birds in their flock. 

You will be able to add more hens to your yard without any trouble when owning this French breed. 

Maran roosters are also accepting of other roosters as long as there are enough hens between the two of them. 

The recommended ratio of hens to roosters in Maran chickens is ten hens to one rooster in a mixed flock. 

Similarly, it is also important for you to make sure your clever birds will still have plenty of room and access to resources before adding more fowl to your flock. 

This is because competition can cause aggression issues and stress among even the most docile of hens. 

Do Blue Maran Hens Get Broody? 

Poultry farmers will often tell you broody hens can often get temperamental and aggressive. 

This is simply because they get extra protective of their eggs (which have a gorgeous chocolate brown egg color, by the way). 

So, do Blue Maran hens also have this problem? 

Most Maran hens will not become broody often, and some never become broody. 

This is great news if you are not interested in producing fertilized dark brown eggs or chicks, as you rarely have a broody and temperamental Blue Maran hen on your hands. 

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Are Blue Maran Chickens Aggressive? 

Blue Marans, and all colors of this beautiful chicken breed, for that matter, are not known to be aggressive at all by nature. 

As a result, Maran chickens should not be aggressive toward people or other fowl. 

What Could Cause Blue Maran Chickens to Become Aggressive? 

Mainly Maran chickens will become aggressive when they do not have enough space or enough access to resources like food and water. 

Some signs of aggression to look out for in all types of poultry include: 

  • Signs of injury in your calmest birds, like scabs, scars, or wounds 
  • Bald patches of skin
  • Signs of illness
  • Eye injuries or infections 
  • Noticeable aggressive behavior

Although Marans are not naturally aggressive chickens, they will likely create a pecking order within the flock if there are insufficient resources. 

This can cause many problems, so it is always a good idea to regularly check on your flock and ensure everyone has gotten some food and has access to water. 

Additionally, feeding your easygoing birds a balanced diet and providing ample space to roam and rest will prevent aggression problems in a Marans chicken. 

How To Stop Blue Maran Roosters Fighting

As we have mentioned, even Maran roosters are not aggressive by nature. 

Most of the time, two Maran roosters will be fighting due to competition over hens. 

This is especially true when the roosters are attempting to mate. 

Adding more hens to your flock can help stop this issue, especially if you have less than ten hens in your flock.

Or, just limit the number of males to a single chicken. 

Are Blue Maran Chickens a Good Choice for Beginners? 

Blue Maran poultry are an excellent choice for beginner backyard chicken keepers thanks to their docile and friendly personalities. 

Some even call them lap chickens because they’re so friendly. 

These breeds of chickens also have the benefit of being pretty quiet, and they also tolerate cold and hot temperatures pretty well, making the Blue Maran suitable for backyards in various climates.

They lay quite a few eggs and are at a decent size, making them quality meat birds and egg layers. 

All in all, this is one of the best all-around chickens for a brand-new chicken keeper. 

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