Are Egyptian Fayoumi Roosters Aggressive?

With slate blue skin and exotic feathers, the Egyptian Fayoumi is truly a sight to behold. 

Sadly, this chicken breed is not the most beginner-friendly addition to a backyard flock.

The Fayoumi chicken is not an aggressive bird but does not enjoy being around people. Fayoumi roosters will have a more aggressive temperament than hens. This makes them more difficult for chicken keepers to handle.

Does this mean don’t add an Egyptian Fayoumi rooster to your flock? 

Not necessarily. Here we will explain if these lively birds are right for you.

egyptian fayoumi chickens and aggression

How Egyptian Fayoumi Chickens Handle Aggression: Case By Case

Are Egyptian Fayoumi Roosters Aggressive to Humans?

The Fayoumi chicken is not the most aggressive chicken breed out there. Still, this domestic fowl does not like being handled by people.

As a result, these Asiatic chickens will likely make lots of noise when picked up. 

They will also usually squirm and peck at your hands to get away.

Egyptian Fayoumis are also flighty birds. So, they will often run away from you before you even have the chance to pick them up. 

This is frustrating to many novice chicken owners. This is especially true for those not used to this economical breed.

This is not the best breed of chicken for those looking for a friendly or affectionate bird. This is even with using things like treats to warm your chickens up to you.

Are Egyptian Fayoumi Roosters Aggressive Towards Other Roosters?

Egyptian Fayoumi roosters are not very aggressive towards other roosters at all. This is especially true when it comes to other Egyptian Fayoumi roosters.

Providing this Egyptian fowl with plenty of space to free range is a good idea. It will prevent scuffles between roosters. 

This is because they will not need to compete for resources. Having plenty of hens will also help keep roosters content.

Are Egyptian Fayoumi Roosters Aggressive to Hens?

Though Egyptian Fayouumi roosters are pushy to hens, they are not overtly aggressive. 

These hardy birds only really tend to engage in this way when they are mating or competing for resources. 

Luckily, giving your Fayoumi chickens enough space will help prevent any competition.

Even during times of mating, Egyptian Fayoumi roosters are not particularly aggressive. This means you do not need to worry too much about your rooster harming one of your hens. 

This is particularly true when owning this domestic fowl.

egyptian fayoumi roosters being mean

Are Fayoumi Roosters Aggressive to Other Animals?

The Fayoumi chicken is more flighty than aggressive regarding other types of animals. This includes animals like dogs, cats, and other kinds of livestock.

It’s good not to have to worry about this domestic fowl attacking your other animals. Yet, having tall boundary fencing is a must.

Egyptian Fayoumis are also known to roost in trees, and they will flee to them when they feel threatened. So, having many trees around is another important thing to consider. 

This is especially true when considering these amazing chickens.

Can You Have a Fayoumi Rooster Around Children?

This domestic fowl is not the best choice for families with young children. This is thanks to the Egyptian Fayoumi’s flightiness. 

Sadly, their hatred for handling doesn’t help matters. 

The Egyptian Fayoumi does not take kindly to petting either.

Are Egyptian Fayoumis a Beginner Friendly Breed?

Unfortunately, the Fayoumi chicken is not the most beginner-friendly breed. 

They are also not the easiest backyard chicken for most people to handle.

Even though they are not aggressive, the Egyptian Fayoumi is a temperamental bird.

There are many other breeds of chicken better suited for chicken owners. This is especially true for those just starting out.

do egyptian fayoumi chickens get along with other chickens

Can You Train an Egyptian Fayoumi Rooster to be More Friendly?

The unfortunate answer to this question is yes and no. It is unlikely for you ever to be able to get this domestic fowl to enjoy handling. 

You will also be unable to get these Egyptian chickens to enjoy being pet or handled.

Yet, you will get your Fayoumi chicken used to you to some degree with treats. Doing this will not teach this domestic fowl to leap into your arms. 

It will prevent them from running away when they see you approaching.

How to Stop an Egyptian Fayoumi Rooster Aggression

It is somewhat rare for this ancient chicken breed to act aggressively toward other chickens. But, competition for resources can make any breed of chicken aggressive. 

Particularly toward one another. Here is how to stop your Egyptian Fayoumi rooster from bullying other chickens.

Make Sure They Have Enough Space

Having a foraging flock of Egyptian Fayoumis will pose some challenges. The main challenge being you will need lots of outdoor foraging space in your backyard.

Not providing your flock with ample space will prevent each Fayoumi chicken from getting its fair share of food. This will create competition within the flock.

The Egyptian Fayoumis chicken primarily eats through foraging. So, increasing their space to roam is really the only way to reduce this kind of competition for food.

Consider the Size of Your Flock

Of course, you could also consider reducing the size of your flock to reduce aggression. This will help reduce competition for food among your flock. 

This is the best option for those who cannot increase their flock’s amount of foraging space.

Removing your most aggressive or feral birds in the flock is a good idea. This is because keeping the most docile birds will help keep things calmer.

Egyptian Fayoumi: Not Aggressive, But Not Friendly

These are sensitive birds who don’t usually act out aggressively, but neither do they like attention or crowding. 

Still, they are a unique breed for any chicken enthusiast like you to check out at some point. 

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