Can Ducks Breed With Chickens, Fertilize Eggs, Or Crossbreed?

Homesteaders and farmers who keep ducks and chickens may wonder if it’s possible to crossbreed ducks and chickens. 

Perhaps you’ve seen your rooster attempting to mount a female duck or vice versa. 

Some people claim to have successfully crossbred chickens and ducks, but there is no scientific evidence of these being true. 

Despite what you may see from some questionable anecdotes, a duck can’t fertilize a chicken egg or a rooster to fertilize a duck egg.  

Ducks cannot breed with chickens or fertilize their eggs. There is no way for the two different species to crossbreed due to anatomical differences in their sex organs. Some people claim to have crossbred the ducks and chickens, but there is no substantiated evidence to those claims. 

There are quite a few reasons why it’s impossible to crossbreed ducks and chickens. 

Read on to educate yourself on why the combination is impossible and potentially harmful to the birds involved. 

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Can Ducks Breed With Chickens?

Ducks cannot breed with chickens. From an anatomical standpoint, it is impossible. Ducks have external sex organs incompatible with chickens. Ducks often injure and even kill hens they attempt to mate with due to damage to internal organs and their ducts.  

If you catch your male ducks attempting to mate with your hens, we highly recommend separating the two different species until the mating season is over. 

Ducks are infamous for their aggressive tendencies with mating. 

Many female chickens are left mangled or even killed by the aggressive manner of ducks. 

Ducks mount their mates aggressively, which sometimes leads to broken necks on the female. 

They also pull out feathers and tend to leave their mates injured. 

This is why it is very important to never encourage and actively stop any attempts of male ducks, also called drakes, from attempting to mate with female chickens. 

Can a male chicken or rooster mate with a female duck in the reverse scenario? 

While roosters tend to be less aggressive than drakes, they are still incapable of successfully breeding female ducks. 

Roosters have internal sex organs, and female ducks rely on penetration for egg fertilization. 

Therefore either combination of chickens and ducks can’t crossbreed successfully. 

There is no feasible way for their sex organs to engage to successfully lead to egg fertilization. 

It helps to know the anatomy of each species’ sex organs to understand why it is impossible to mate. 

Roosters and hens mate in a very specific way. 

The rooster’s sex organ is a vent called a papilla. 

The rooster mounts the hen and lowers his papilla towards the hen’s cloaca. 

Then, she inverts her cloaca to meet the roosters to complete the mating. 

Ducks, on the other hand, have entirely different sex organs. 

Male ducks have external sex organs used to penetrate females during mating. 

It is anatomically impossible for ducks and chickens to mate due to the extreme difference in their sex organs. 

The injury occurs when a male duck mates with a female chicken and nothing when a rooster attempts to mount a female duck. 

Can A Duck Fertilize A Chicken Egg?

Ducks cannot fertilize a chicken egg. Male ducks, also called drakes, have sex organs incapable of successfully engaging with female chickens’ sex organs. It is anatomically impossible for a duck to fertilize a chicken egg. 

Quite a few unsubstantiated images are floating around the internet of crossbreeds between chickens and ducks. 

They often show a bird with duck-like features and chicken feet. 

Some people tell stories of ducks successfully fertilizing a chicken egg only for the egg to never hatch. 

Others claim chicken and duck crossbreeds are possible but born sterile.

None of these claims are verified with DNA or scientific evidence. 

There is no way for a duck to fertilize a chicken egg from an anatomical standpoint. 

Female chickens are anatomically built to be compatible with the internal sex organ of a rooster. 

Since male ducks have external sex organs, they are significantly more likely to harm the hen’s ducks and internal organs than produce a viable egg. 

Attempts from male ducks also introduce bacteria and dirt into the hen’s ducks, increasing the likelihood of infections and disease. 

It is never a good idea to let your ducks attempt to mate with chickens. It very often results in injury and even death. 

Can A Duck Mate With A Swan?

Ducks and swans do not engage in mating. Swans are very dedicated mates and are rarely seen without their partners. There are no known instances of a swan attempting to mate with a duck. Ducks tend to mate indiscriminately, but it is extremely unlikely for a swan to mate with a duck.

Male swans have similar sex organs to ducks, but the likelihood of the different species mating is very unlikely. 

If you’ve ever driven past a pond with swans living in and near it, you’ve undoubtedly noticed how inseparable swan partners tend to be. 

This is because swans mate for life. 

Each year they mate with the same partner and raise a new generation of babies. 

Swans are beautiful and majestic creatures. 

Often, we see ducks living near swans and may find ourselves asking if a duck can mate with a swan. 

Ducks tend to be less picky when it comes to mates. 

They tend to have a large number of mates over their lifetimes. 

Male ducks also have almost no role in raising their young. 

The responsibilities fall almost entirely on the mother duck. 

On the other hand, swans are raised by their mother and father. 

There is no anecdotal evidence of swans even attempting or allowing a duck to mate with them for these reasons. 

In some cases, a swan egg may somehow end up in a duck’s nest. 

There are some reported cases of birds raising whatever hatches from their eggs, even if they are not their eggs. 

We all know the story of the Ugly Duckling, where a swan is hatched into a mother duck. 

It turns out this does happen in nature. 

While this isn’t exactly mating, some ducks will raise baby swans if they hatch the eggs in their nest.

Can Ducks Crossbreed?

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Because they are anatomically similar, crossbreeding is possible among most duck breeds. Most breeds descend from the Mallard, making them compatible for mating. Hybrids tend to have more difficulty mating due to their different looks, but even hybrids are fertile. 

Many different breeds of duck successfully crossbreed, but it is not always in the bird’s best interest. 

People import ducks leading to the intermingling of different breeds. 

Since nothing stops them from mating and crossbreeding, there are many hybrid duck breeds. 

Different duck breeds are compatible for mating. 

Many farmers and duck keepers practice crossbreeding to create new hybrid breeds. 

Hybrid ducks cause quite a few problems for local ecosystems and native species. 

Here are some of the impacts of crossbreeding ducks.

Mating Is More Difficult For Hybrid Breeds of Ducks

Each sex of each duck breed has its physical markings and appearance. 

This plays a huge role in mating and finding a partner. 

When ducks are crossbred, their appearances are different. 

This makes it very difficult for hybrids to find mates. 

Since they don’t carry the main distinctions in their appearance, they are less likely to find an accepting mate. 

Even though the hybrid breeds are perfectly capable of reproduction, it takes some time to find a willing partner to accept their mixed looks. 

Females of hybrid breeds tend to have more trouble finding a mate to court them. 

Hybrid Breeds Threaten Native Breeds

Crossbreeding ducks leads to a decrease in the number of purebred birds in the ecosystem. 

As the number of hybrid breeds of duck arises, the number of native purebreds naturally goes down. 

This is detrimental to the preservation of certain duck breeds, especially those already endangered. 

While it is hard to stop different duck breeds from mating in the wild, this is rarely where crossbreeding occurs. 

In nature, different breeds are incredibly unlikely to be cohabitating enough to allow for mating to occur. 

Most crossbreeding is done by humans. 

We don’t recommend doing this because it threatens purebred native duck breeds in the wild. 

Hybrid Ducks Have More Health Problems

Hybrid ducks tend to be more susceptible to disease than their purebred counterparts. 

The reason for this is likely genetic. 

Most breeds have built up a tolerance to disease over a long time. 

Hybrid breeds of duck are often new combinations. 

They have not had the time to build immunity to diseases and often don’t inherit the resistance from their purebred parents. 

This is why we don’t recommend attempting to crossbreed different types of ducks. 

The result is not guaranteed to be a good one. 

The resulting hybrids are more likely to suffer from health issues and have a less happy life.  

Can Chickens Crossbreed?

Crossing breeding among different kinds of chickens is very common. There are many hybrid breeds of chickens. Hybrids are common on farms. They tend to cost less than purebreds but also live significantly shorter lives.

Different breeds of chickens tend to have different benefits for egg-laying, life span, and looks. 

Some farmers keep many different breeds of chickens on their farms simultaneously. 

It’s important to note the tendency of roosters to mate indiscriminately regardless of the breeds in the flock. 

There are some downsides to hybrid breeds, but they are still great chickens. 

Hybrid breeds of chickens are perfectly capable of reproducing and making more chicks. 

They lay eggs well too. 

These are the most common types of hybrid chicken breeds:

Hybrid NameSpecies 1Species 2
Copper BlacksRhode Island RedFrench Copper Marans
BlueAndalusianBarred Plymouth Rock
AmberRhode Island RedRhode Island White
BevansRhode Island RedBarred Plymouth Rock
WarrenRhode Island RedMarans Cross

At What Age Do Ducks Start Mating?

Ducks start mating between 3-6 months of age. They often start mating before they even begin laying eggs. The average age for ducks to start mating is 4 months. Sometimes they start laying eggs and mating simultaneously, but usually, mating occurs first. 

If you’ve recently acquired a flock of little ducklings, you may be wondering when they will start mating. 

Luckily, you won’t have to wait too long as most ducks start dating around 4 months of age. 

This is usually before the ducks start to lay eggs. 

So don’t worry if you see your ducks mating before the females are laying eggs. 

This is the normal case for ducks. 

Got some baby ducks? Check out our massive list of 497 duck name ideas.

How Do I Know If My Ducks Are Mating?

Females are often the initiators and let the male ducks, also called drakes, know they are ready for mating. 

They exhibit specific behavior to let the drakes know they are ready to mate. 

Female ducks start to swim with their head extended above the water. 

They swim like this towards the male they hope to mate with. 

Females will often also start to quack very quickly and shake her beak to show interest. 

If the male accepts the female, they begin to preen, flap wings, and pump their heads together. 

How To Keep Ducks And Chickens Together

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It is very dangerous to allow ducks and chickens to mate together as we’ve discussed. 

Many farms and homesteaders have ducks and chickens existing together peacefully and harmoniously. 

How do they accomplish this? 

The answer comes down to a few factors. 

If you have both chickens and ducks on your property, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these factors to make sure your mixed flock is happy and safe.

Ample Space

One of the biggest causes of turbulence in chicken and duck relationships comes down to space. 

Make sure you have ample space available for the chickens and the ducks. 

Birds will be more tempted to mate with the other species if space is limited. 

It helps to have designated areas for the chickens and the ducks to keep them from getting into scuffles or undesirable mating behaviors. 

Proper Ratios of Males To Females

It turns out your backyard duck needs more than one female to keep themselves busy. 

Male ducks are notorious for their aggressive behavior when it comes to mating. 

They injure female ducks with their brutal behavior. 

While female ducks are built to withstand the overly enthusiastic male ducks, chicken hens often suffer serious injury and even death from male ducks. 

Maintaining a proper ratio of males to females keeps males occupied without overworking females. 

Male ducks and roosters injure and kill females by mating with them too frequently. 

This often occurs when there is a limited number of females to mate with. 

Here are the recommended ratios of males to females for each species. 

  • Ducks require a ratio of about 4-6 females to each male in the flock. 
  • Chickens require a ratio of about 10 hens for each rooster.

It’s important to monitor the behavior in your flock to see if you need to have more females. 

There are some tell-tale signs of your male birds not having enough females to mate with. 

Females will show plucked feathers around their neck. 

Sometimes these injuries will show spots of blood in extreme cases. 

If you see your females sustaining injuries from mating, it may be time to introduce a few more female birds to keep the male from paying too much attention to any single bird. 

Enough Food And Water

While food and water are not directly related to mating, neither resource leads to scuffles in and between the flocks. 

One benefit of keeping both ducks and chickens is eating the same kind of feed. 

This makes your shopping trips easier and tends to lead to problems if there isn’t enough food in the feeder. 

Make sure to set up multiple feeding stations and check their levels regularly to prohibit any fights. 

The same is true for water. 

Ducks and chickens will fight over the last drops of matter. 

It’s important to check the water levels every day to keep all your birds happy. 

It’s also important to supply clean water for both types of birds. 

Ducks also need an area to swim. 

Swimming is part of their natural behaviors, and having an area for them to do this on your farm will keep them happy and healthy. 

It’s best to have a more permanent water source for your ducks to enjoy, but using a portable duck pond like this is also a great option. 

Separation During Mating Season

As we’ve established, male ducks are aggressive when mating. 

It’s been to keep male ducks separated from female chickens during mating season to keep them safe. 

Male ducks can injure and kill female chickens in mating attempts. 

It’s best to err on the side of caution and keep ducks and chickens apart during mating season. 

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