165 Best Goat Farm Name Ideas (List)

Goat farms have become more profitable due to the rising popularity of goat meat and goat’s milk products.

People love the unique taste of goat meat, and it is expensive because of supply and demand.

Cosmetics companies tout the benefits of lactic acid in goat’s milk to make lotions, soaps, and other skincare products.

Goat cheese and milk are now sold at your local grocery store.

If you have considered starting your own goat farm, you need a name.

A good goat farm name must be catchy and memorable. You may also want it to reflect the types of products you sell.

Keep reading for our list of 165 goat farm name ideas to help you get started!

what to name a goat farm

90 Clever Goat Farm Names

These clever goat farm names are easy to remember and may give you a chuckle.

  • Freckled Fanny Farm
  • Just Kiddin’
  • Kiddin’ Around
  • Jolly Bleat
  • Keep Goatin’
  • Meat & Marbles
  • Gotta Goat
  • The Goat Coach
  • Meadow of Eden
  • The Present Pasture
  • Beauty And The Boer
  • Goatie Got Goals
  • The Curd Kid
  • Go Grow Goat
  • The Goat Coach
  • The Milky Goatway
  • Maabundance Field
  • The Whistle Bleat
  • Bless & Bleat
  • The Wiser Milke
  • Sugargoat
  • Mr. Bleat’s Blessings
  • Down The Greens
  • Acres Of Bleats
  • Free Cloven Hooves
  • The Faun Miracle
  • Who’s The Hooves
  • Grass Gritter Garden
  • Art Of Alpines
  • Gorgeous Bleet Feet
  • Faun D’Fence
  • Goat Catcher Field
  • East Alpine Wonders
  • Wiggly Herd’s Acre
  • The Pygmy Paradise
  • Pygmy Please Pastures
  • Damascus In D’Field
  • Rise Of Beetal
  • Kalahari Red Acre
  • Angles of Angora
  • Maa Wild Neighbor
  • Toodles Toggenburg
  • The Blasting Bleet
  • Green Faun Land
  • The Fauny Fate
  • All Ears Farm
  • Baaack 40 Goat Farm
  • Baaad Goat Farm
  • Goat Emporium
  • Golden Streets Of Teats
  • Goatshanna
  • Hootin’ Nanny’s Farm
  • Mad Nanny Farm
  • Pet-A-Goat Farm
  • Shangri-La Mancha
  • Wether Or Not Farm
  • Maa Ma Mia
  • Grasschew Nubian Nest
  • Fursmitten Goaties
  • The Goatie Besties
  • Goals To Goat
  • Wonder Goat Acre
  • The Quirky Bleats
  • The Goatman’s Miracle
  • Bleatman Fuzzywild
  • Uncanny Goatie House
  • Grassface Fancy Goats
  • The Nosy Bleats
  • Not Just Kids
  • The Black Widoe
  • The Hoof Runway
  • Early Grass Muncher
  • Lush Bush Blockbuster
  • The Whistleblower Tribe
  • Pied Piper’s Herd
  • The Grass Cornerstone
  • Willy Wool Farm
  • The Golden Kid Farm
  • Mr. Billy’s Goat Farm
  • The Royal Hooves Farm
  • Goofy Hoof Farm
  • Saanen’s Sleepy Hill Farm
  • Uncanny Goatie Farm
  • Midnight Maiden Goats
  • Arbor Goat Farm
  • Muddy Boots Farm
  • Black Acres Farm
  • EarthJoy Goat Farm
  • Royal Goat Farm
  • Maa Moonface Shelter

25 Goat Farm Names Based on Breed

goat farm name ideas

These goat farm names give a hint about the goat breeds you raise.

  • Alpine Dream Farm
  • Angora Acres
  • Barbari Butte Farm
  • Boer Bluff Farm
  • Damascus Depot Farm
  • Fainting Fortress Farm
  • Kalahari Red River Farm
  • Lamancha Manor Farm
  • Nigerian Dwarf Depot
  • Nubian Creek Farm
  • Pygmy Stone Farm
  • Russian White Dairy Farm
  • Song Of Saanen Farm
  • Warmth Of Saanen
  • Alpine Altitude Farm
  • Garden of Pygmy
  • LaMancha Homeland
  • Alpine Amigo Farm
  • Merry Myotonic Farm
  • The Quirky Alpines
  • LaMancha Cozy Cottage Farm
  • Oasis of Oberhasli
  • Copper Tribe Homeland
  • Golden Guernsey Gates
  • Peculiar Pygmy Farm

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50 Dairy Goat Farm Names

dairy goat farm names

These names are a perfect fit if goat’s milk or cheese is your farm’s specialty.

  • The Nourished Kid
  • Dewy Milky Doe
  • Creamy Hooves
  • Sweet Saanen Bliss
  • LaMancha Magic Drop
  • The Dairy Oasis
  • Sable Herdcream Co.
  • The Daydream Sip
  • Toggenburg Tilly Dairy
  • Goatscape Nourishment
  • The Kiddie Drink
  • Nanny Nubian’s Love
  • Alpine Sweet Drops
  • Nannymaid Dairy Dream
  • Fuzzynan Delight
  • The Goatie Creme
  • Spring Field Dairy
  • HerdFresh Daily
  • Saanen Sweet Splash
  • Oberhasli Fresh Formula
  • LaMancha Mellow Sips
  • Creamy Alpine Bliss
  • Nubian’s Pure Love
  • LaMancha Love Licks
  • The Creamy Cosmos
  • Herd Of Curds
  • Cheesy Alpine Ranch
  • EasyDigest Alternatives
  • The Tummy Bestie
  • Saanen’s Love Spill
  • Alpine White Valley
  • Some Goat Stuff
  • Tummy & Mr. Toggenburg
  • Sable Sweet Kiss
  • Oberhasli Milk Oasis
  • Green Meadow Dairy
  • Alpine’s Warmth Pasture
  • Kiddo’s Nutri Sip
  • Saanen’s Organic Bliss
  • Love, Nanny
  • Mr. Billy’s Wife
  • Cottage Core Alpines
  • Florida Pure Kids
  • The Young Ounce
  • Ruby Field Dairy
  • The Emerald Splash
  • Alpine’s Cosmic Cream
  • The Milky Nanny
  • The Velvet Favorite
  • Oberhasli Overpour Daily

How To Start a Goat Farm

There is more to starting a goat farm than just buying a bunch of goats and putting them in a pasture.

You must first decide what type of goat products you want to sell. Several options include:

  • Meat
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Fiber

Knowing which products you intend to sell helps you narrow down the best goat breeds for your farm.

Some goat breeds are prized for their fiber, while others are for their meat or milk production.

Certain breeds are dual-purpose, meaning they are raised for both meat and milk production.

Registered breeding goats cost between $100 to $800. The females are usually priced higher than the males.

A registered milk or meat-producing goat is priced at around $1,200.

You need at least one buck and several does. Alternatively, you may purchase pregnant goats but expect to pay a bit more for them.

House your goats in a secure barn or shed with adequate fencing around it. Goats are notorious escape artists, so the fence must be electrified or woven wire.

Milking equipment costs about $1,500, and you must have a state inspection and special licensing to sell goat milk and related products.

A truck with a trailer is also handy for transporting goats and buying hay.

Registering Your Goat Farm Name

Most cities and states have legal requirements for setting up a business.

In most cases, you must register your goat farm name.

You also need to search nationwide databases and ensure your goat farm name is not already taken.

Some helpful resources for your research include:

  • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Google
  • Goat breed registries

We recommend hiring a lawyer to help set up your goat farm correctly.

A lawyer will answer any questions and ensure all legal procedures are followed when you make your goat farm official.

What’s In a Name?

Choose your goat farm name wisely. The name may be funny, include your goat breed, or reflect what you sell.

Once you choose a goat farm name, you must register it, so it is official.

Thank carefully for what you intend to sell from your goat farm to choose the best breed of goat for you.

Be prepared for the expense of your new goat herd, a secure shelter, and all of the equipment you need to run a successful goat farm.

Read more about goat farming and how much farmers make per year.

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