10 Great Hay Feeders For Goats Review

Choosing the right hay and grain feeder for your goats makes feeding them more manageable and reduces the wastage of food, which often happens with faulty feeders.

When choosing the best goat feeder, there are a few things to consider.

The most important factor is how many goats you have, as there are different sizes of feeders available, from single feeders to 4-5 animal feeders.

Hay feeders are made from various materials, including wood, galvanized steel, and steel mesh.

There are also hanging net hay bags, which are convenient for smaller goats or individual animals.

Wall-mounted or floor feeders are better for larger goat breeds and multiple goats.

Many hay and grain feeders advertised for sheep will also work well for goats because they are similar in size and have the same feeding habits.

The price range of goat feeders varies widely, ranging from $10 to $400.

Inexpensive feeders tend to have a shorter shelf life, so it is best to purchase the nicest one you are able to afford.

With so many options available, choosing the best feeder for your goats may be challenging.

Keep reading for our list of some great hay feeders for goats, with a brief review of each one to make your decision easier.

hay feeders for goats

Gaun Sheep & Goat Single Feeder

The Gaun Sheep and Goat Single Feeder is a single-animal hay and grain feeder for young or small goats.

This feeder is made of galvanized steel, making it durable and economical.

The wide opening allows easy feeding to prevent a goat from getting stuck.

The design of the feeder also helps to minimize food waste.

At 21″ inches tall, this feeder works well for dwarf goat breeds or young kids, as well as larger goats.

The feeder is small, making it easy to move around, and it also features brackets for mounting on a wall.

Teke Deluxe Slow Hay Feeder for Horses and Goats

The Teke Deluxe Slow Hay Feeder is a mesh feeder designed to keep hay off the ground and reduce food waste.

The mesh cording is durable and features 1 3/4″ inch holes for slow feeding.

Eating slowly helps prevent goat bloat and improves the animal’s overall digestion, making this an ideal feeder choice.

This mesh feeder holds 14.3 pounds of hay and includes an attached rope, so it is easily hung anywhere in the goat pen.

This is one of the cheapest hay feeder types, and goat owners love it because virtually no hay is wasted during feeding time.

Little Giant Classic 2-in-1 Goat and Sheep Feeder

The Little Giant Classic 2-in-1 Goat and Sheep Feeder is a heavy-duty feeder constructed from galvanized steel and features hooks for hanging on a fence without using any tools.

This dual-mode feeder holds hay and grain and is large enough to comfortably feed 1-2 goats at a time.

The feeder cage holds up to 2 flakes of hay, and grain or pelleted food may be placed on the feeder tray below.

The feeder’s design ensures low food wastage, and the galvanized metal finish prevents rust and corrosion.

Rugged Ranch 4’-Foot Pasture Feeder

The Rugged Ranch 4’-Foot Pasture Feeder is a free-standing goat hay feeder constructed from galvanized steel.

The 6″-inch deep extra wide tray will also hold grain and prevent wasted hay.

This feeder only requires four bolts to assemble and may be set up in less than 10 minutes.

The feeder is large enough to feed several goats at once and allows the animals easy access to their food, so there is less bullying in the herd during feeding time.

The galvanized steel finish is resistant to rust, so it is an excellent choice to use outdoors or indoors.

Weighing just under 70 pounds, this feeder is sturdy and will not easily be pushed over by rowdy goats.

Little Giant Plastic Fence Feeder with Clips

The Little Giant Plastic Fence Feeder is heavy-duty plastic and features sturdy metal clips for easy attachment to any fence.

The polyethylene resin is impact resistant, will not warp, and is resistant to stress cracks.

This hanging trough feeder will hold up to 4.5 quarts of hay or grain and comfortably feed one or two goats at a time.

If you would like to permanently mount the feeder to a wall or fence, it is effortless to do by following the instructions included with the feeder.

Rugged Ranch Wall-Mounted Hay Feeder

The Rugged Ranch Wall-Mounted Hay Feeder is constructed from durable galvanized steel.

The lightweight design allows the goat hay feeder to be hung anywhere in the goat pen.

This hay feeder has larger holes for easy access and will allow up to 5 goats to eat from it comfortably.

Sydell Sheep and Goat Grain and Mineral Feeder

The Sydell Sheep and Goat Grain and Mineral Feeder is made from weather-resistant heavy-duty plastic and easily attaches to a fence with standard zip ties.

This large-capacity grain and mineral feeder holds up to 25 pounds of grain or minerals, which is enough food for up to 10 livestock animals, so you do not constantly have to refill it.

This feeder is easy to fill from the top and is designed to prevent food waste and keep water out of the feed to prevent clumping and decaying.

Kaulhp Nylon Hay Tote Bag

The Kaulhp Nylon Hay Tote Bag is constructed from sturdy nylon and features a slow-feed design for your goats.

This inexpensive goat hay feeder is very simple to use, and the slow-feed design aids in a goat’s digestion of feed and prevents food wastage.

The feed hole in the front of the bag was designed with your goat’s safety in mind, and it is too small for the animal to stick its head inside and become injured.

The bag also has sturdy straps, so it may be hung anywhere in the goat pen with ease.

Kane Lamb/Goat Feeder

The Kane Lamb/Goat Feeder is made from durable polyethylene and is designed to prevent wastage of feed.

This large-capacity creep feeder will hold up to 72 pounds of feed and accommodates 4-5 goats at a time.

The plastic material of this feeder is rigid but pliable, so it is very difficult for a goat to damage it.

The feeder may be easily mounted to either a fence or a wall, so it may be installed indoors or outdoors.

This is one of the biggest feeders on our list, and it provides a huge amount of hay for your farm animals.

Little Giant Hook Over Goat Trough

The Little Giant Hook Over Goat Trough is constructed of heavy-duty polyethylene with a galvanized steel grid to divide the feed trough into six separate feeding areas.

This grid allows each goat to have its own space without crowding the goat next to it.

Reinforced hooks provide extra support on each end, and the universal secure mounting makes it easy to install on almost any wooden fence or livestock wire.

The mounting hardware is included, and you only need a screwdriver for easy installation.

This trough feeder will hold up to 9 quarts of grains or pelletized feed.

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