How Expensive Are Fainting Goats? (Pricing Table)

Fainting goats or myotonic goats have become increasingly popular over recent years. 

Videos on the internet of these goats exhibiting their funny behavior have been shared across the web. 

These videos show just how adorable these fainting goats are. 

Before getting a goat, it makes sense why people wonder about costs and how expensive fainting goats are. 

Fainting goats cost between $100-$300 without a pedigree and $300-$600 with a pedigree. An adult goat weighing 50 lbs eats about 1 lb a day, which costs about $0.65 per day. Goats are inexpensive to keep compared to other livestock. The biggest purchases are the goat and its shelter.

With the rising popularity and cuteness of fainting goats, it is no wonder why they are becoming increasingly more popular as pets and on farms. 

Let’s look into how expensive fainting goats are and check out a handy pricing table with cost breakdowns. 

how expensive are fainting goats

Pricing Table For Costs Of Keeping Fainting Goats

There are many variables to consider when calculating the total cost of keeping fainting goats. 

As a goat owner, it is essential to account for the financial aspects of maintaining herd animals to ensure you provide proper care and living conditions. 

Fainting Goat Cost Per Goat$100-$600
Feed Per Year~$300
Veterinary Bills Per Year$50-$250
Other Costs (ex. Repairs, vet emergencies) Per Year$500
Total $950-$7650

As you may notice, the total amount varies widely from $950-$7,650. 

At the same time, most of this is attributed to whether or not you have an existing shelter for your goats or are buying a brand new goat barn for your new baby goat. 

Another major factor contributing to the wide price range is whether or not you are getting a Myotonic goat with a pedigree or not. 

Fainting goats cost a bit more than regular goats, so the start-up costs for the first year are a bit higher.

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How Much Do Fainting Goats Cost?

Fainting goats do cost more than regular goats. 

Most cost between $100-$600, depending on the animal’s pedigree. 

If you see a fainting goat for sale in your area, ask about the pedigree to see if the price hike is warranted. 

Sometimes a fainting goat is also called a Tennessee meat goat, so keep an eye out when looking at goat for sale advertisements in your area. 

If you buy 1-2 goats, you’ll likely face the normal price for a Tennessee meat goat. 

However, if you are purchasing more than 1-2 adult goats, you may be able to haggle for a bulk price. 

The starting price for purebred myotonic goats is $100. 

This price is for goats without pedigree. 

If you get a pedigree goat, you are looking at prices as high as $600. 

In addition to the cost of the goat itself, there are other one-time and recurring costs to consider. 

Feeding Costs

Feeding costs vary on a few factors. 

If you get the cheapest hay feeder type for your goat, you’ll spend considerably less than someone who is purchasing high-quality commercial feeders for goats. 

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If you have a large property, the consumption of food by your goats will be supplemented by grazing and foraging. 

It is important to have proper feeder storage for your goats. 

This prevents unnecessary loss of food, wastage of food, and contamination of food.

The loss of food and wastage of food directly impacts the amount you must buy and will hike up your annual costs for keeping your feeder structure full. 

To avoid the wastage of feed, choose a feeder capable of keeping bugs and bacteria. 

This will ease the digestion of feed for your goats and prevent the damping of food. 

Damp food will have to be thrown away to keep them healthy. 

Veterinary Costs

Veterinary costs are another expense with a wide range of annual totals. 

If your goats are healthy and well, these bills will be about $50 for routine vaccinations and deworming. 

Keeping up with these veterinary maintenance responsibilities is a caring consideration for goat owners to take to ensure they stay healthy and happy.

The regular vet bills will be considerably higher if your goat has a more serious issue like digestive problems or debilitating muscle disease. 

There may also be the need for an emergency procedure. 

These are hard to account for, but we recommend setting aside a little money each month, so you aren’t left scrambling should a serious emergency or injury occur. 

Shelter Costs

Shelter costs vary from $0-$6,000. 

It all depends on what you already have on your property. 

If you already have a barn, you won’t have to spend anything on shelter for your goats. 

On the other hand, if you want a brand new, prefabricated barn for your goats, you’re looking at about $6,000 for a high-end barn. 

This all depends on your budget and the needs of your property. 

We do recommend getting a quality shelter for your myotonic goats. 

The genetic condition causing them to faint when scared makes them very easy targets for predators. 

Keeping them in a secure shelter is an absolute must for those living in areas with coyotes, bears, wolves, dogs, or any other animal capable of killing the herd.

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Are Fainting Goats More Expensive Than Other Goat Breeds?

Fainting goats are a bit more expensive than other breeds of goat. 

The adorable fainting goat has acquired a lot of popularity, increasing the price of getting one for your herd. 

While they are an excellent choice for goats on a farm or as a companion animal, they cost a bit more. 

Purebred goats like myotonic goats usually have a higher price tag than mixed breeds. 

In many areas, it’s easy to get an additional goat for free in many cases. 

Sometimes people are just looking to get rid of them. 

Other breeds go for as little as $75.

Some factors impact the price of goats, including age. 

In many cases, female goats cost a bit more than males of the same breed. 

Fainting goats are a bit more expensive than other breeds, but if you want an adorable Tennessee meat goat or dairy goat, it is often worth the extra money. 

After all, the initial price of buying a goat is one of the biggest initial expenses of keeping goats. 

The small size of fainting goats also leads to lower overall feed costs than larger goats who need to eat significantly more to stay well-fed and healthy. 

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