10 Chicken Breeds With The Most Aggressive Roosters

It may come as a surprise to those new to keeping chickens, but there is a wide variety of personalities and temperaments among different chicken breeds. 

Some tend to be more docile and submissive, while others are downright malicious. 

Some roosters will fight on pure instinct. 

The result is often death. 

Aggressive roosters are fiercely territorial, possessive, and fearless. 

Many will fight other animals like dogs and cats as well as humans. 

For backyard chicken owners considering introducing a rooster to the mix, it’s incredibly important to do your research and make sure you’re able to handle the usual demeanor of the rooster breed. 

It is desirable to have an aggressive rooster to protect the flock and guard the property in some cases. 

We have the top 10 chicken breeds with the most aggressive roosters to help you decide.

Asil Rooster

Asil Rooster most aggressive chicken breeds

The Asil breed of chicken is considered to have one of the most aggressive personalities globally. 

They instinctively fight very aggressively and often to the death. 

Many consider this breed to be the most combative rooster breed. 

There are even reports of Asil roosters fighting as early as 1 week after hatching. 

We highly recommend ensuring all Asil roosters are separated by 3 months of age. 

Otherwise, the roosters will start to fight and kill each other. 

Originally from India, the Asil chicken breed is an aggressive bird brought to Europe, where it was further bred for the purpose of cock fighting. 

Because of this, they are very territorial and aggressive. 

It is very important to keep only one Asil rooster at a time and no other roosters from other breeds. 

They are not shy to fight any male chicken in their territory. 

They are also fearless and unafraid of fighting other animals like dogs and cats.

Asil roosters will even fight humans if they feel their flock or territory is threatened. 

Malay Rooster

Malay roosters are incredibly aggressive birds prone to be quite territorial. 

They are considered one of the most aggressive and dangerous roosters to keep around. 

While they may make great guard roosters, they should not be near other roosters regardless of the chicken breed. 

Malay roosters are also quite large compared to other breeds. 

They reach up to 3′ feet tall, making for one large rooster. 

Malay roosters are very dominant birds. 

They will treat any threat accordingly and often kill their opponents. 

Like other highly aggressive roosters, the Malay will attack cats, dogs, and humans. 

In some cases, the Malay rooster will even kill off chickens. 

The breed originated in India and was brought over to England. 

While they weren’t originally bred for fighting, the Malay breed of rooster undoubtedly has all the grit and gusto to take on any opponent. 

Old English Game Rooster

Old English Game Rooster

The Old English Game rooster is one of the most iconic breeds used for cockfighting. 

The Modern Game chicken breed was bred from Old English Game chickens. 

The Old English Game rooster is a beautiful bird often used in shows. 

Their bright and shiny feathers come in a wide variety of striking colors, making them excellent for exhibition. 

If you plan to keep an Old English Game rooster in your backyard flock, it is important to make sure it is the only rooster regardless of breed. 

Chances are they will not get along with any other roosters, and they may end up killing each other in their fights. 

An Old English Game is rooster is a dangerous chicken. 

Keeping Old English Game roosters and hens happy means giving them a lot of space. 

They are not suited for confinement or small spaces. 

They are not the best breed to keep around if you have small children, as both the males and females of this breed are aggressive towards any animal or person who comes into their territory. 

While they are gorgeous birds with beautiful feathers, they also make excellent guard roosters who defend their flock against any potential threat. 

American Game Rooster

American Game Rooster

American Game chickens are primarily raised as ornamental birds but have an aggressive nature. 

A few of the founding fathers kept this breed of chicken for its beautiful colors and ornate feathers, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. 

However, despite their beauty, they are incredibly aggressive and dominant. 

The American Game roosters do not get along well with other roosters or chicken breeds. 

For this reason, it is incredibly important to keep them separated to prevent injury or death. 

There are quite a few different varieties of American Game roosters. 

The different varieties refer to their specific coloring and feather details. 

Here are some of the most common varieties of American Game roosters:

  • Whitehackles
  • Sweaters
  • Roundheads
  • Marsh Butchers
  • Bumblefoot Grey 

Regardless of which variety of American Game roosters you keep, it’s important to know they are not the easiest breed. 

We don’t recommend them for beginners as other chicken breeds will likely be much easier to manage as you learn and gain experience in keeping chickens. 

Cornish Or Indian Game Rooster

indian game rooster

Cornish chickens or Indian Game roosters are a multi-purpose breed of chicken. 

The hens are primarily used for meat purposes and are called the Cornish hen or Cornish chicken. 

The males or roosters are Indian Game roosters and are primarily bred for fighting. 

Indian Game roosters are incredibly aggressive and territorial. 

The breed originated in England. 

The intention behind the breeding was to make a great cockfighter. 

Unfortunately, the breed did not gain much popularity.

Instead, the hens are used for meat. 

Roosters aren’t usually raised for meat due to their lean muscles and difficulty raising.

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The main reason behind this is how quickly the hens reach maturity making the turnaround for meat production quick and inexpensive. 

However, the Indian Game rooster retains much of the aggression and fighting attitude it was bred for. 

While the hens are one of the most popular heritage meat chickens, they also have a reputation for fighting from a very young age. 

Raising Indian Game or Cornish chicken from youth will likely show you their aggressive side. 

Chicks of this breed often resort to feather pulling and cannibalism from a very young age. 

The roosters of this breed are very muscular, which makes them good fighters. 

When you pair this with their natural aggression, they make for quite the handful. 

Make sure you are well-equipped to deal with the feisty personality of both the Cornish hens and Indian Game roosters. 

Buckeye Rooster

Buckeye Rooster

The Buckeye rooster is a surprising addition to this list. 

Unlike other breeds you’ll see here, the Buckeye breed of chicken was not bred for cockfighting. 

It was primarily bred for meat and egg-laying. 

For some reason, this breed hasn’t let go of its ancestors’ wild and aggressive genes. 

They are known to fight each other intensely. 

Many people add Buckeye roosters to the mix for breeding and guard the rest of the flock. 

Unfortunately, many people get fighting-Buckeye roosters who cause more harm than good. 

They are not the best breed for beginners or those with children as they are known to get quite nasty when irritated. 

It is not popular among backyard farmers or commercial chicken farmers. 

This is because they often end up fighting each other. 

The result is injury or death and makes the Buckeye breed more trouble than it’s worth for many chicken keepers. 

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Oriental Game Chickens 

Oriental Game roosters refer to several different varieties of chickens bred specifically for cockfighting. 

They are muscular, athletic, and incredibly aggressive. 

Some consider these Oriental Game breeds the closest relatives to the original wild chickens. 

Chicks of the Oriental Game chickens are often aggressive from hatching and will fight given a chance. 

They are a very instinctual rooster breed with a tendency to fight to the death if they are in the company of other roosters. 

For this reason, it is incredibly important to keep them separated to prevent severe injuries and death caused by the inevitable fighting. 

With the decrease in popularity of cockfighting in many parts of the world, Oriental Game varieties like the Sumatra are now primarily used as exhibition birds in shows. 

There are other varieties of Oriental Gamefowl as well:

  • The Shamo is a breed from Japan. They have tall stature and are considered very aggressive. 
  • The Red Jungle Fowl are primarily bred as a food source. For the most part, they are very independent. This is often considered the reason why they are so aggressive and ready to fight off threats. 
  • Thai Game Fowl remains a popular breed for cockfighting in Thailand. They are considered to be very intelligent and quick-reflexed. 
  • The Sumatra breed is considered a very wild bird. They are capable of flying up to 5 miles. They also jump heights up to 6′ feet. 

Wyandotte Rooster

Wyandotte Rooster

The Wyandotte breed is a dual-purpose breed. 

They are usually bred for both egg production and meat. 

Most farmers will keep the hens for egg-laying. 

Once they age out of this part of their life, they are often sent to slaughter for meat. 

While many Wyandotte chickens are relatively peaceful, there is a common tendency for Wyandotte roosters to be very aggressive. 

They may not be the most aggressive breed on the list, but they are still one to use caution around. 

If it is your first time keeping chickens and roosters, we recommend erring on the side of caution and incorporating a more docile and manageable breed into your flock. 

Both the chickens and roosters are relatively large compared to other breeds. 

This makes them an excellent option for meat chickens as a single chicken easily feeds a large family. 

Cubalaya Rooster

Cubalaya Rooster

The Cubalaya rooster is another breed specifically designed for fighting and aggression. 

Primarily used for cockfighting, the Cubalaya chickens also produce decent meat and a respectable amount of eggs. 

They are large and beautiful birds with rich colors and shiny feathers. 

Their personality is prone to fighting and aggression. 

For this reason, they do not make good beginner roosters. 

Compared to other more aggressive breeds, the Cubalaya rooster might not seem as bad, but they still have a definitive tendency towards aggression against other roosters. 

Some may get along fine with other roosters, but it’s best to supervise and proceed with caution for any indicators of aggressive behavior. 

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Modern Game Rooster

The Modern Game rooster is a popular aggressive chicken breed. 

The Modern Game roosters are the result of breeding together both the American Game and the Malay breed. 

Modern Game roosters undoubtedly carry the aggressive genes of their ancestors but tend to be significantly less prone to fighting than either the American Game or Malay. 

Like the American Game rooster, the Modern Game sports beautiful coloring and feathers. 

This makes it an excellent show bird for exhibition. 

While they may be less aggressive than their predecessors, don’t underestimate these birds. 

They will still fight to the death if given a chance. 

For this reason, you’ll need to keep Modern Game roosters away from any other roosters. 

They get very territorial and aren’t afraid to attack any rooster or animal threatening their territory or flock. 

They make excellent guard roosters and undoubtedly add beauty to the homestead or farm with their ornamental looks. 

Why Keep An Aggressive Rooster?

If you’ve ever encountered an aggressive rooster or had to deal with a particularly nasty fight, you may wonder why you would ever want an aggressive rooster in the first place. 

There are a few reasons why you’d want this. 

Most aggressive chickens require a lot of space and don’t do well in confined spaces. 

For this reason, it is incredibly important to make sure you have enough space for the often athletic and large breeds on this list. 


While cockfighting is illegal in many places, there is still some popularity in certain parts of the world. 

It makes sense to want the most aggressive rooster possible if you consider cockfights. 

Many of these aggressive chickens also tend to be tall, muscular, and athletic, making them excellent fighters. 

However, the business of cockfighting has lost significant popularity over the past century. 

There aren’t many people specifically breeding for cockfighting nowadays. 

Guard The Flock

A much more common reason for keeping an aggressive rooster is to guard the flock. 

By nature, roosters have the instincts to protect their territory and their flock from any threats. 

This is especially beneficial if you live in an area with pesky predators like foxes, possums, and raccoons. 

While your rooster may not be able to fight off all threats, they will certainly give it their all when it comes to protecting their hens. 

Many aggressive rooster breeds tend to have a natural inclination towards protection. 

While this may make egg collection and feeding time a bit of a hassle, it may be worth it if your flock is under threat from predators. 

They will also make a ruckus when fending off predators, which gives you extra time to get rid of them before they get to your hens or their eggs. 

Best Roosters For Beginners

If you are new to keeping chickens, chances are you are not looking for an aggressive rooster. 

You’re probably looking for quite the opposite. 

New chicken owners should start with a friendly chicken breed with a docile demeanor. 

This allows you to bond with them while learning the science of chicken keeping. 

Friendly breeds of chicken will also keep you from having to break up chicken fights or deal with a rooster attacking you whenever you enter the chicken coop or chicken run. 

Here are some of the best breeds for beginner chicken owners known for being low-maintenance and docile:

Plymouth Rock chickens are an excellent choice for beginners. 

They have a reputation for being extremely friendly to humans. 

Many people keep them as pets as they are considered one of the friendliest chicken breeds. 

Backyard farmers also find them eager to go right up to you and eat from your hand. 

They are not known for being aggressive and make a great first flock. 

The Dominique breed is known for its docile nature. 

They are one of the calmest chicken breeds and are so laid back they are often victims of predators. 

They make a great first chicken for beginners because of their friendly personality. 

Still, it’s important to ensure they are well protected as they tend to be easy targets for predators like foxes, possums, raccoons, and cats. 

The Easter Egger chicken breed is another incredibly popular option among new backyard chicken farmers. 

While their personalities range quite a bit, they are not usually aggressive. 

Many people find the Easter Eggers to be very friendly and sweet. 

Others find them very jumpy and nervous, but they are significantly more likely to run away than attempt to attack you. 

The Rhode Island Red breed is arguably the most popular choice among backyard chicken breeds. 

They are incredibly easy to keep and are often quite friendly when socialized. 

Sometimes the roosters are aggressive, but this is usually not the case.

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Many consider them to be one of the friendliest chicken breeds to raise. 

Speaking of raising, learn how much roosters cost to keep and raise.

Another benefit of the Rhode Island Red for backyard farms is their ability to thrive without much space. 

This makes them perfect beginner chickens for those looking to add a flock to their backyard. 

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