9 Awesome Pakistan Goat Breeds (With Pictures)

Pakistan is a beautiful country filled with natural wonders and genetic diversity of many different species of animals. 

Like many other countries in the world, Pakistan relies on domestic goat breeds for both meat production and milk production. 

Pakistani goats are used for dairy and meat production like many other countries. 

Here are 8 Pakistani goat breeds to consider adding to your herd. 

Barbari Goats

Barbari pakistan Goat breeds

Barbari goats are one of the most popular Pakistani breeds. 

They are found in both India and Pakistan. 


The Barbi goats are one of the more compact Pakistani goat breeds found in the country. 

The body size of this goat ranges from 22-28″ inches (56-71 cm). 

They reach a maximum size of 23-38 kg in weight. 


The hardiest and compact body size of this breed of goat offers them a long lifespan of 15-18 years. 


The Barbari breed of goats is a dual-purpose breed. 

Most commonly, they are used for their year-round production of milk. 

The sometimes harsh climate of the country doesn’t allow many Pakistani goat breeds to produce high quantities of milk year-round. 

Still, this goat breed has adapted very well to the country’s weather allowing it to have a good production of milk and breed all year. 

Kaghani Goats

Kaghani Goats
Image From https://farmingbase.com/kaghani-goat/

The Kaghani breed of goats has a beautiful white color. 

They have small twirling horns.


The Kaghani is one of the medium breeds found in Pakistan. 

They reach 24″ inches (60 cm) in height and have a maximum size of 37 kg. 


Like other Pakistani breeds, the Kaghani goat has a long lifespan of 15-20 years. 


Like many other dual-purpose Pakistani breeds, the Kaghani is primarily kept for producing good quantities of milk and meat. 

Kaghani goats also have great amounts of hair, which are useful for producing fibers for clothing and other products. 

Kamori Goats

kamori goat
Image From https://www.petmapz.com/breed/kamori-goat/

Kamori goats show the genetic diversity of breeds in Pakistan. 

They are unique in their long and elegant necks. 

Long necks are often a celebrated animal genetic trait. 

They have many coat color patterns and add to the goat diversity in the country. 


Kamori goats are medium to large-sized goats. 

As one of the large-sized Pakistani goat breeds, Kamori goats reach weights of 50-60 kg. 


Considering Kamoris is one of the large-sized goat breeds, they don’t live as long as more compact Pakistani goat populations. 

They average about 10-12 years. 


Goat farmers keep Kamoris for their milk and meat production. 

They produce significant amounts of milk due to their large size. 

Nachi Goats

Image From http://allpedia.dkart.in/livestock/breeds/goat-breeds/9484-nachi-goat.html

The Nachi breed of goat is celebrated for its natural dancing gait. 

The gait is attributed to an animal genetic trait. 

They are often used for entertainment due to their unique way of walking. 


Nachi goats are considered one of Pakistan’s very large indigenous goat breeds. 

They measure up to 39″ inches (98 cm) in height. 


Nachi goats have a typically average lifespan for most other breeds of about 11-12 years. 


Nachi Goats are often kept for entertainment due to the genetic variation responsible for their dancing gait. 

They are also kept for meat and milk production. 

Nachi goats produce a lot of hair, making them great for those looking to make fibers. 

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Beetal Goats

beetal goats
Image From https://backyardgoats.iamcountryside.com/goat-breeds/beetal-goats-breed-profile/

Beetal goats are a popular breed of goat in Pakistan. 

They won a few great traits from the domestic goat gene pool as they produce high-quality meat and dairy production. 


These are large goats with heights averaging 25-39″ inches (64-100 cm). 

Their large size is a genetic improvement to many of the smaller breeds found in Pakistan. 


The lifespan of the Beetal breed of domestic animal species is 12-15 years. 


The Beetal goats are representative animals of the high-quality meat capable of goats. 

Human selection through animal breeding of larger and high-quality meat goats has helped produce the great meat in this breed. 

Dera Din Panah Goats

Dera Din Panah Goats
Image From http://allpedia.dkart.in/livestock/breeds/goat-breeds/9483-dera-din-panah-goat.html

The Dera Din Panah goats, also spelled Daira Deen Panah, are a popular and common breed in Pakistan. 

They have a distinguishable coat length from other breeds. 

While they may not have the same diversity in coat color patterns as other goat breeds, they are easily identified by their long, low-hanging hair. 


The Daira Deen Panah breed of goat is medium to large-sized with heights of 28-32″ inches (70-81 cm). 


This breed has an average lifespan of 10-12 years. 


The Daira Deen Panah goats are kept predominantly for meat production. 

This makes them great for those looking to run profitable goat meat production farms. 

You’ll find large numbers of this breed in the population structure of goats in the country. 

Teddy Goats

Teddy goats are as adorable as their name implies. 

They are small and easy to keep making them extremely popular for goat herds in Pakistan. 


Teddy goats are very small, making them very easy to handle and care for. 

They typically reach weights of 23-34 kg. 


Teddy goats live a bit longer than larger-sized breeds. 

This means they will likely live longer than the average 10-12 years of most other goat breeds. 


Teddy goats are primarily kept for meat production. 

They are easy to handle temperaments and low-input feed needs, making them excellent choices for running profitable goat meat production farms. 

Gulabi Goats

Gulabi Goats
Image From https://farmingbase.com/gulabi-goats/

Gulabi goats result from the cross-breeding of four different breeds of Pakistani goats. 

The Beetal, Pateri, Rajhanpuri, and Kamori goats were bred to produce the Gulabi. 


The Gulabi goats are large animals with weights of 45-55 kg. 


Gulabi goats have an average goat lifespan of 10-12 years. 


The large size of Gulabi goats makes them excellent for meat and milk production. 

Their docile and gentle disposition makes them very popular for pets and companion animals. 

Pateri Goats

Pateri Goats
Image From https://all.biz/pk-en/pateri-goats-g75575

Pateri goats are beautiful animals. 

This breed of goat usually has white color for its hair. 

They often have reddish-brown colorings on the necks, ears, and heads. 


They are considered heavy-bodied goats with average weights of 45-70 kg.


Due to their large size, Pateri goats usually have a shorter lifespan of about 10 years. 


Pateri goats are usually kept as a dual-purpose breed. 

Their large size makes them very popular for meat production, but they also produce significant quantities of milk. 

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